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Our goal is to keep you(the homeowner) informed of what is happening in the neighborhood. We will update this page on a regular basis, so please check back frequently. Please feel free to contact DSI  if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding the Association.


End of Summer Exterior Home Maintenance Tips;

#1 Check for Cracks

Look for cracks in your home€™s foundation and seal them properly to prevent cold drafts from getting inside. Cracks in your foundation or near windows also function as an entryway for unwanted critters like mice.

#2 Check Your Roof

It€™s important to check your roof for problems before cold weather hits. Check for loose shingles and make any necessary repairs before the autumn storms arrive. Don€™t forget to check your gutters while you€™re on the roof. Although you€™ll likely have to clean your gutters after the leaves have fallen, you can still remove any leaves, branches or nests in late summer to ensure optimum drainage.

#3 Reinforce Doors and Windows

Before the cold weather hits, set aside a day to replace your door and window screens with storm windows. You can also add weather stripping to doors and windows to help keep cool air from seeping inside.

#4 Trim Your Trees

If you notice any dead branches or decaying limbs on the trees of your property, you should call your landscaping service to have them removed. These limbs can become hazardous when loaded with ice and snow. They can also prove vulnerable to winds, so it€™s best to remove them before they can fall on your house or vehicle.



Source: Huffington Post

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