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Welcome to the Smiths Crossing Homeowners Association information page! 

Our goal is to keep you(the homeowner) informed of what is happening in the neighborhood. We will do our best to update this page on a regular basis, so please check back regularly for any updates.  Please feel free to contact DSI  if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding the Association.



Yard Waste Information

Yard waste is plant debris, such as the following:


€"€"Pine needles

€"€"Grass clippings


€"€"Rose canes

€"€"Corn stalks

€"€"Sunflower stalks



€"€"Pine cones

€"€"Black walnuts



Small sticks and thin twigs less than 18 inches in length are also considered

yard waste.

Yard Waste Placement

Only place yard waste to the curb during the collection periods.

Where possible, pile yard waste at least four feet from any obstruction such as

mailboxes, trees, fire hydrants, street signs, parked cars, and so on.

Do not pile yard waste material in the street or gutter.

€"€"Piles in the street create a water run-off that leads to algae blooms and weed

growth in our lakes, plus they can wash away to clog storm drains, which can

lead to flooding during rains and the spring thaw.

Do not mix brush and yard waste together.

€"€"Brush and yard waste are separate collections picked by separate crews and

are taken to different processing locations.

Yard waste should be placed on the terrace or at the roadway edge.

€"€"Yard waste can be loose on the terrace or roadway edge.

€"€"Yard waste piles can be covered with a tarp.

€"€"Yard waste can be bagged in compostable paper bags, or plastic garbage


Bags must be left open at the top.

Compostable bags are preferred. Crews may need to slit open plastic bags,

and they must leave plastic bags behind after collection because they

have nowhere to store them on their collection vehicles.


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